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7 Hilarious Nicknames Kenyan Parents Give To Their Kids

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7 Hilarious Nicknames Kenyan Parents Give To Their Kids

Nicknames are a huge part of Kenyan culture.

Kenyan parents love giving their kids some rather common nicknames. Sometimes these nicknames stick until adulthood. There are a dozen names out there but here are the most common ones.

1. Toto.

Probably the most common one, especially for lastborns. It’s used by parents who decide that the ‘m’ in ‘mtoto’ should be silent and that’s final.

2. Junior.

Talk about playing it safe. Since a kid is a junior human, the parents just call him junior. Unfortunately, this is also one of those names that refuses to go way even in adulthood.

3. Kabeby.

More common among kids who are born tiny. A baby is always already small but in cases where it’s smaller than small, then the parents call it kabeby. It’s more applicable to girls though. What’s surprising is that this name is used as a term of endearment among some couples too.

4. Boi.

The ‘I’ at the end is stretched a little longer while pronouncing. This name is given to boys by parents who’d rather keep it simple and avoid the stress of thinking too much. He’s a boy so just call him ‘boi’ huh?

5. ‘Daddy’ or ‘Mummy.’

This is usually the case when the child is named after the grandparents. Since the kid has the same name as the parent’s dad or mum, they call him ‘mummy’or ‘daddy’.

6. ‘Kuka’ or ‘Guka.’

In Western Kenya, it’s ‘kuka’ while in central Kenya it’s ‘guka’. I suspect that kids who have this nickname thrust upon them always plot on revenging against their parents.

7. Bosco.

It’s still a mystery where this name came from but it’s way too common among kids in middle-class and rich families. Maybe it’s because it sounds a bit westerniz

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