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Signs That Actually Show That You Are A Workaholic

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Signs That Actually Show That You Are A Workaholic

Most people like their jobs.
But there are other people who are just addicted to their work. They don’t seem to realise it but they are in love with their jobs. And can never seem to leave work alone. We call these people workaholics.

But before the W-word is thrown around, here are a few obvious signs that you’re addicted to your job:

1. Arrive work early and leave late

To you, this is committment. But to many others, this is a big sign of chronic addiction to your work. This is even worse when you’re not getting paid for working overtime.

2. Can’t disconnect from work

You can’t just leave work at the office. That isn’t who you are. You will be at a family and will be checking your work email. You’re even ready to whip out your laptop to get somethings for work just so you can reply that email. You have no work-personal life balance.

3. Lunch is always at your desk

You believe in multitasking so much that you will always eat lunch at your desk. Once you’re on seat, you never leave except to use the restroom and attend a meeting.

4. Every vacation is a workcation

The concept of a vacation without a laptop has never occurred to you. Every vacation is a workcation. You are fully plugged into work, only difference is you’re in a different location.

5. No real hobbies

Every one of your hobbies tie into your work. For example, you’re a doctor and one of your hobbies is reading medical books, another you like watching medical drama. Everything you like ties into your work.

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