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Things Must Guys Don’t Have The Guts To Say

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Things Must Guys Don’t Have The Guts To Say

1. I Have A Girlfriend

So on a daily basis, men walk to women to propose and it is just not some ugly men we talking about here, we are talking about handsome and successful men but most of the time, many women are able to turn down their advances but let’s be honest here, how many men can do this?

How many men can boldly look into the eyes of a very luscious and voluptuous beautiful woman who is also rich that he has a girlfriend when she steps forward to propose? Let’s face it, most men don’t have the guts and it will take a man with the heart of Angel Gabriel to do this.

2. I’m Proudly Married

Yes! some men can confidently say it when the woman is not up to their standard but let’s face it, not when the woman is up to their standard and ready to roll in the game.

3. Mum, Don’t Talk To My Wife Like That

Most women no matter how much they love their mum will always stand up against them when they speak ill of their husbands. Check history, who always does the eloping, men or women? Your guess is as good as mine.

But when it comes to a man standing up against their mum, they don’t have the guts. There have been many cases where women go against their mother’s wishes to marry the man they love but when it comes to a man, we always hear the man breaking the relationship because his mother is against it.

4. I’m Responsible For Her Pregnancy

Well! we can’t do the comparison here because men don’t get pregnant but let’s face it, it is not easy for men to accept their responsibilities in cases like this. Most men deny it till it is proven they are guilty.

5. When Are We Getting Married

Well! some men can easily propose but then the timeline is the issue here, where in most cases they will only say it when they are 5 years or more into the relationship but not in the case of women. Most women can easily ask if you will marry them even within 8 months of the relationship but men on the other hand, just don’t have the guts.

6. I Was Wrong

So truth be told, most men hate to admit they are wrong and are quick to blame it on women. It is not easy for a man to openly admit he was wrong, it is always the woman’s fault.

7. You Can Keep My Credit Card

A man wouldn’t have a problem spending on a woman, but no matter how rich he’s, he will never leave his credit or debit card for a woman. Flip the coin and a woman who is rich will leave everything in the hands of her man and even make it look like it is the man who is rich. This is even something that gave rise to the Akan adage, “Obaa to tuo a, etwire beema dam’” to wit “if a woman buys a gun, it is left in the care of a man”.

8. Leave Your Underwear, I Will Wash Them

Well! In even some traditional settings in Africa, it is an abomination for even a man to say this, but this is something women do all the time, men just don’t just have the guts. So if women can wash your underwear, why can’t you.

9. I Will Do The Cooking Today

Okay! that feels like holding a gun to a man’s head because we assume it is not our responsibility to cook but it is our responsibility to eat. It is understood if you can’t cook but even still if a man can cook when a woman is around, he automatically becomes “sterile”. And admitting to cooking is something they will never do even if it comes to mind, yeah! we are that lazy.

10. Leave The Chores For Me

No man will walk into the house and see the house untidy and go about cleaning when there’s a woman around even if she’s busy, we will rather complain than have the guts to say, I will do the chores.

11. I Will Be Doing The Shopping Today

Let’s be sincere here for once, how many men can have the guts to say, “I will go to the market while you rest?” How many? Men just don’t have the guts, this is why the few who

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