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See The New Ring That Help Women Protect Themselves From HIV [Video]

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See The New Ring That Help Women Protect Themselves From HIV

Over the years, not many women have been able to protect themselves from HIV.
Women have been forced to stay with adulterous men and in some regions, this is quite prevalent. Some villages suffer high rates of HIV simply because of the high rate of infidelity and women don’t have many options but to stay. However, in some countries like Malawi, they have started a trial where a ring is inserted into the vagina and has been helping women protect themselves against the spread of HIV.

Here is a video about the ring:

The silicone ring’s actual name is elastomer vaginal matrix ring that dispenses an anti-HIV drug.
The concept is quite favourable to any couple as it is like a monthly birth control. So far, 4,500 women have been used as a pilot study for women between the ages of 18 and 45. Women who used the ring were 27 percent less likely to become infected with the HIV virus according to data that was presented after the research. In some cases, the vaginal ring actually proved to have successfully worked in cases where the women’s partners were actually positive. It is an easy procedure and can be done at home but preferably by a gynecologist.

See how it is done in this video:

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