Governor of Zamfara orders resumption of telecommunications services

Governor of Zamfara orders resumption of telecommunications services

The governor of Zamfara, Bello Matatwalle, has ordered the restoration of telecommunications networks in the state capital of Gusau.

Governor’s spokesman Zailani Bafa announced the order in a statement to reporters on Friday. He said it was to put an end to the problems that action caused people.

“The restoration of services in the state capital is critical after the great success of the war against bandits in the country and for alleviating the problems of the state’s private and public sectors,” Mr Baffa said in the statement.

“The government believes it is necessary to relax the austerity measures it wants, which will no doubt destabilize the criminal syndicates terrorizing the country and lead to the success that operational security services have achieved against them.

“Governor Matatwalle promised that his government will continue to monitor developments closely and announce further government decisions on appropriate actions,” the official said.

On Thursday, the state government announced that more than 2,000 suspected bandit informants had been arrested for disrupting telecommunications services in support of military attacks against bandits in the state.

State Information Commissioner Ibrahim Dosara told a news conference in Kaduna on Thursday that the suspects had provided important information to security authorities.

Mr Dosara said many bandits fled the country while others were starving and forced to eat raw vegetables after being cut by the public.

“Many bandits have been neutralized by the army. Most of them were forced to eat raw vegetables such as millet because their colleagues in the city has cut off their collaboration.

“They decided to use camels for violence,” said Mr Dosara.

The governments of four northwestern countries have cut telecommunications networks, banned weekly markets and restricted gasoline sales, among others.