Kwara SUBEB holds a debate for public school students

The Universal Council for Primary Education in Kwara (SUBEB) flagged off a public debate competition for high school students in the state on Thursday.

The debate began with three selected schools in Ilorin East local government area of the state.

Arafat Mukaila led the representatives of Sango-Okesuna Junior Secondary School, Pake Ilorin; Fatimo Badiru led the team of Government Day Junior Secondary School, Karumo; while Favour Isaiah led that of Junior Secondary School, Olokuta.

The theme of the debate was “Parents and Not Governments are Responsible for Poor Academic Performance of Students”, and the session was broadcast live on Midland state radio 99.1 FM.

On the sidelines of the event, SUBEB President Sha Adaramaja said the program was designed for high school newlyweds in 16 local government districts ahead of the December 2021 presidential debate inviting Kwara.

“Recently we received an invitation from Abuja to join the presidential discussion scheduled for 2021, which will take place from December 6-9 this year.

“Kwara is one of the selected states. That’s why we have to prepare our students for this big event. And part of the strategy is that we don’t just want to vote for local governments. We want to give all cities an equal chance to prove themselves. That’s why we held this pre-debate competition,” said Mr. Adaramaja.

“Our investment in education is huge. Schools were built and renovated. We have provided training materials. We want student enrollment to increase with all these things.

“Parents can now see that basic education in Kwara is underway and we appreciate the efforts of Governor Abdul Rahman Abdul Razak in this regard.”

The debate continues on Thursday, which will be attended by students from the West Ilorin regional government and others over the coming weeks.