OYO PRISONBREAK: Armed Men attack Oyo prison and free all the Inmates

Tension in Oyo as hundreds of prisoners were set free at Abolongo correctional facility in Oyo State.

Drizzle web authors have gathered information that all detainees at the facility were released in the raid on Friday night.

Our sources said that the prison entrance was demolished with explosives, which forced the guards to flee.
“It happened around 10:24 p.m. on Friday.Though I was peeping through the louvres, but I saw them, guised in a dark and scary kits. But their faces and genders could not be specified because it was dark and horrific”. One of the dwellers whose residence is just an hairsbreadth to the correctional service centre made this declaration during our aftermath interview concerning the incident.

“It has been confirmed that the attack actually happened. And right now, the controller of Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) and other top officers are assessing the situation.

“But, I can confirm to you that the incident actually happened.”
A spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Services (NCS) in the state, Olanrewaju Anjorin also confirmed the occurrence.

Tension in the country is widespread and the government is trying to control the situation.

It was not really understood who was behind the attack, and who on earth did they come to rescue.

Manhunt has begun in the state by different bodies of security agencies like; the Nigeria Police force, the Nigerian Army, the Amotekun provincial security etc. All the residents are hereby advised to stay in the abode for the meantime that the search will soon be done.