Nigerian army to commission 3,885 cadets, enroll 18,000 soldiers in 2022

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The commander, training and doctrine commander of the Nigerian Army, Stephen Olabanji, a major general, said the force is expected to recruit around 3,885 cadets into the officer corps by 2022.

He also said the Army would appoint about 18,000 other ranks and additional special forces to train about 4,800 recruits and other personnel.

This was announced by Olabanji on Thursday in Abuja as he appeared before the House Army Committee to defend his 2022 budget proposal.

He said the essence of the special training is to further give the personnel some specialised training in the aspect of watermanship, deep-diver, airborne and leaving off the land.

He said other aspects of the training would include target acquisition, tracking, strike and drop, counter-terrorism, and anti-insurgency training, among others.

“All are aimed at increasing the personnel of the Nigerian army and further enhancing its combat skills to find permanent solutions to the challenges of insecurity in our country,” Olabanji said.

He said the training command wanted N43.3 billion for the 2022 budget.

However, Olabanji said the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning had proposed N26.2 billion for the training team.

He said his prayer was that the sum of N30.8 billion should be approved for the training as against the N25.5 billion in the appropriation bill.

Mr Olabanji also said that N4.9 billion should be approved for the training command for the year 2022 overhead as against N200 million in the appropriation bill.

According to him, the amount of N 7.4 billion for the investment project training team must be approved for 2022 versus N 544 million in the budget account.

“So I humbly ask this honorable committee to approve a total of N43.3 billion, which includes staff compensation, trainee/instructor allowance, capital and overhead,” he said.

He said the training command had a duty to train many mobile, dynamic, savage, courageous and ever-ready Nigerian youths in the Nigerian army who want to protect the territorial integrity of the country.

The chairman of the committee, Abdulrazak Namdas, urged the training command to focus on training officers in combating terrorism in light of the country’s security challenges.

Mr Namdas said the National Assembly had passed a resolution asking President Muhammadu Buhari to identify the bandits as terrorists.

He asked the training command to carry out all the tasks assigned to him and assured that the commission would continue to support their search.