How to get free data on MTN | Free 10GB 2022 [UPDATED]

How to get free data on mtn: Welcome, I know you are probably here simply because you are searching for MTN free data 2022, worry no more you are on the right page. To get free Mtn data you just need to follow the methods I’m going to outline below.

How to get free data on MTN | Free 10GB 2022 [UPDATED]

Good news for MTN users as the major cellular networks have decided to bring smiles to their subscribers.
Well, as the title suggests, every MTN user is entitled to know how to get free data on mtn, FREE 10GB MTN data. This is not a gimmick or cheat, 100% legal from MTN and has other benefits. The benefit is that after completing 10GB of free data, you can also enjoy double data (100%) with a subscription.

As long as you are an MTN user, you can enjoy this offer anytime and you won’t be restricted, because this offer is never blocked.

How to get free data on MTN 2022

According to MTN, you need to upgrade your SIM/line to 4G to enjoy 10GB of MTN FREE data. “Enjoy 10 GB free when you upgrade your MTN SIM card to 4G and enjoy a 100% data bonus for 3 months.

Here’s how to upgrade Mtn-Sim to 4g to get 10GB of free data:

Upgrading your SIM or line to 4G to MTN is very easy. Just follow the steps below.
Bring your MTN SIM and package and visit the nearest MTN office or dealer.
Tell them that you want to upgrade your SIM card to 4G.
Make sure you have a valid ID with you. This can be a national identity card or voter card or driver’s license or international passport or school ID.

Register your SIM card for the upgrade process.
Here’s how to get free data on mtn for 10GB free data after upgrading your Mtn-Sim to 4g.

How to get free data on MTN

Once you have completed the upgrade process, simply insert your SIM card into the phone with 4G enabled.
Send SMS with the word “4G” to 131. Or simply send 4G to 131 with your SMS.
Your SIM/line will be charged or credited with FREE 10 GB data. You also get 100% transaction data (duplicate data) when you subscribe to the MTN data plan.
NOTE: FREE 10GB of MTN data lasts for one month. To check credit, dial 1314#.

How to find the nearest Mtn office near you to get free data on mtn

Are you having trouble finding the nearest MTN office or agency business? Don’t worry, the following steps will take you.

  1. Dial *123*1*7# and a message will be displayed with the next or next MTN shop or dealer list. Just select your state and perhaps the parish you live in.
  2. If the above doesn’t work, just follow this link:
  3. Remember to go with your valid ID with you when upgrading.

How to get free data on MTN 2022 | Additional Information about MTN FREE 10GB

MTN 10GB FREE data offer can only be created and used on 4G devices or mobile phones.
Transactions 100% of MTN data obtained from data offerings can be used on all types of devices: 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G devices.
100% data transactions will be activated on your SIM card for the next 3 months if you receive 4G data from the free MTN data offer.
If you upgrade to MTN 4G, explain below what you can enjoy. This is a bonus for 4G MTN data.
MTN says that in addition to a much better data experience, you’ll also enjoy the 4G upgrade offer.
This offer is available to all customers who have recently upgraded their SIM card to 4G/LTE and have recently activated a 4G/LTE SIM or are already using it.

How to get free data on MTN 2022

Important hint
4GB when upgrading to a 4G SIM, valid for 7 days
100% bonus for every data plan from N500 to N5000 purchased from month 1 to month 3 after SIM upgrade to 4G (see table above 😉
25% bonus on all data plans purchased from month 4 to month 6 after upgrading to 4G.
Newly activated and existing 4G subscribers benefit from a bonus of only 25% for 6 months.
The expected benefits you will enjoy from 4G+ include
4G+ makes it easy for you to manage your online life on the go.
Think about it: faster uploads, downloads, and web browsing, better video experiences, or access to more apps.

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Download your games faster with almost 200 Mbps speed.
An enriched and more interactive website ensures a better user experience
Instantly post photos on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram
Better streaming experience for HD and 4K videos
Stream music smoothly

How to check balance to upgrade to 4G

Just text 2 to 131 or dial * 131 * 4 # on your mobile.

I hope this short article has enabled you to know how to get free data on mtn 2022.