Free 500GB MTN data Cheat 2022 – Unlimited Free Browsing Cheats [UPDATED]

MTN data cheat 2022: I am aware that you have been looking for the mtn data cheat code for 2022. Well, lemme say you are lucky to have found this post.

It’s very annoying when you try to surf the internet with data connection turned on, suddenly you lose connection and you can’t continue surfing because of data.


Today I am going to show you working mtn data cheat and browsing tricks that will help you surf seamlessly without any hassles.

Free 500GB MTN data Cheat 2022 - Unlimited Free Browsing Cheats [UPDATED]

To get maximum results, you must pay 100% attention to every step that I offer. Yes, follow it right, if you miss one, skip all of them.

MTN data Cheat 2022

Important note: not all the cheats will work for you. Most MTN data Cheats are sim-selective. This post will be updated from time to time so you can check back later.

Let’s proceed.

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MTN data cheat for 5GB (5 gigabytes for N50 only)

MTN 10GB for cheat code N100 2021

How to activate 10,000 GB (10 GB) for N100

MTN N100 for 1 GB data fraud: MTN Free Data Promotion

How to check if you meet the requirements?

How to subscribe to 1GB MTN Data Cheat for N100

Incredible 1GB & 500MB MTN free data

MTN 1 GB for data code N250 – N50 for 200 MB – N500 for 2 GB

Cheats for free MTN browsing with 24Clan VPN Pro version.

Unlimited free browser cheat for MTN with the help of Psiphon 2021

Free MTN Scams To Browsing With Tweakware VPN

500 MB and 100 MB Cheats with UTLoop VPN

Which MTN data cheat are you using right now?

There’s more for you:

MTN data cheat for 5GB (5 gigabytes for N50 only)

It works great based on what the verified followers have said.

You can get up to 5 gigabytes by following the steps below:

Important Note: Make sure you confirm that your MTN SIM card is ready for this cheat.

How to get free mtn data Cheat:

First fill your mtn line with at least N50, then open your phone to dial and dial *123#.

Wait for the pop-up menu to appear.

Now answer the 3 in the first list presented to you.

Again answer 3 from the list.

You will see another pop-up menu, enter 6 and this time send.

Answer “2” on the next screen.

Finally answer with “1” to open the MTN Wechat package.

Since we’re using the N50 for the 5GB plan, we’ll answer 1.

After this, you may want to confirm the data, if it’s real or not.

Just dial *131*4# to check credit.

Newest MTN Free Browsing data cheat: Unlimited Surfing Every Day.

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MTN 10GB for cheat code N100 2021

Don’t distort it. While it’s possible to get 5 gigabytes of MTN for a small amount of airtime, you can also get double by paying double.

This is nothing compared to the regular data plan you subscribe to, right?

Follow the steps below to enable unlimited free mtn data cheat which gets you 10 gigabytes for just 100 naira.

How to activate 10,000 GB (10 GB) for N100 |MTN data Cheat 2022

Recharge at least N100 on your MTN line if you don’t have enough airtime.

Now dial *123# on your standard MTN phone.

You will see a popup menu, Answer 3, Answer 3, Answer 6, Answer 1, and Answer 1 to select an MTN wechat plan.

You want to subscribe to a 10GB MTN data plan, so choose N100 for 10GB.

After successful activation, press *131*4# to confirm your data balance.

MTN N100 for 1 GB data cheat: MTN Free Data cheat 2022

This mtn data cheat 2022 has been around for a long time and not everyone is aware of it.

No matter how popular the cheat is, not everyone will know about it.

Now you are lucky to find this mtn data cheat code 2022.

Before proceeding, you need to understand that cheat like this are usually selective.

That means the cheat code for the mtn data plan works very well, but chooses the SIM card.

You can earn 1 gigabyte and more for just 100 naira top-ups on your channel once you qualify for this offer.

How to check if you meet the requirements?

Do you have airtime in your MTN account? Make sure it’s 0.00k before trying this.

To verify that you qualify, do the following:

Just dial *131*100# to see if your SIM card is selected.

You will then see a message asking for “Auto Renew” or “Single Purchase”.

Auto-renewal means automatic renewal of your data plan when it expires. On the other hand, a one-time purchase means the subscription is canceled when the expiration date is reached.

MTN 1 GB for data cheat 2022 N250 – N50 for 200 MB – N500 for 2 GB

This is just another high value data pack that can be accumulated. Yes, you can literally multiply the amount of data by following the procedure properly.

Normally, the N50 only gives you 200MB and will run out in two (2) weeks, but you are allowed to collect data and get a much larger amount of data.

Follow the steps below to quickly activate the MTN data cheat:

Recharge your mtn line with N50 or higher.

Now dial *131*25# to activate this package.

To get 1GB, repeat this 5 times or more for a much larger amount of data.

This is valid for 7 days.

I gave you the working MTN data code above. You can also use the latest free MTN browsing cheat below.

Cheats for free MTN browsing with 24Clan VPN Pro version.

First, you need an Android phone to apply this setting to ON.

You need to download and install 24Clan VPN PRO on your phone.

You also need a very strong MTN network service (or signal) in your vicinity for the VPN to connect without interference.

If you have everything ready, you can continue surfing freely on MTN.

Download 24Clan VPN PRO from Playstore.

Install the app on your device.

Now open the VPN and make the following settings.

Tap the “Settings” icon, select a server or nothing, then select a settings server.

Go back and connect the VPN.

Wait a few seconds to connect.

Explosion! As a PRO user, you can start surfing with a limit of 2 GB per day.

Unlimited free browser cheat with the help of Psiphon 2022

Among other MTN data cheat, you can still browse your phone for free with internet enabled. I mean totally free.

You can only do this by following the method below:

First go to Playstore and download VPN

Wait for the app to download.

Install it on your phone now (if you downloaded it from another source)

Open Psiphon VPN and do the following:

Tap the Options tab, then tap More Options.

Enable “Connect via HTTP proxy”.

Enable “Use the following settings”.

Then check the checkbox Remove port

Proxy type: Dual Real Host

Proxy server:

Real proxy type: HTTP

Real proxy port: 80

Select the United States as your region.

Switch to the “More options” tab.

Enable “Connect using HTTPS.

Host address:

Port: 8080

After applying these settings correctly, return to the home screen and connect the VPN.

Enjoy the speed.

Get up to 10000GB with this free MTN data cheat 2022

Free MTN data cheat 2022 To Browsing With Tweakware VPN

If you are looking for the latest MTN codes for Cheats 2021, Tweakware is a useful VPN right from the start.

Yes, the developers are constantly updating the software with the latest cheats so you can connect and browse for free.

I have a 100% working setup that I can apply to the app and it connects right away.

Go to Playstore and download Tweakware.

Install and open the VPN.

Go to Settings and tap Customize.

Apply the following settings to connect to Tweakware VPN:

Connection mode: HTTP

Server port: 8080

Host header:

Re-disable the proxy.

Proxy host:

Proxy port: 8080

Now return to the home screen and select each free server from the drop-down menu.

Then tap the Connect button.

Wait a few seconds for the app to connect.

Since cheat codes are available for the MTN data plan, of course you will also find free browser cheats that you can use to stay in touch online for free.

500 MB and 100 MB Cheats with UTLoop VPN | MTN data Cheat 2022

This trick has been around for a while and some good reviews are coming from its users. Before enabling this scam, I want you to consider a few things.

VPN is currently free for everyone.

No registration required to operate all apps

You may see some ads, but it’s good.

Settings are updated from time to time.

With that in mind, you can now enable MTN 500 and 100MB data cheat on your phone.

First download UT Loop Pro from Playstore here…

Install and open the app right away.

Select settings. Two (2) options will appear on the Home Screen. Just tap on the second one and select “NGA | MTN 500MB/day” or select “MTN 100MB” (both work).

Leave the first option in Auto Select or select any location from the available list.

Finally, tap on the “HOME” button at the top to connect the VPN.