Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Final Part

Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Final Part


Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Final Part


Read part 3 here So from there, you’ll be able to get clients, you’ll be able to see a plane that is going to hire you. Ok, so this is basically how you can set up yourself as a content writer. All right. So number eight on the list is starting a blog business.

Now, the reason I call it a blog business is because most people see blogging as an OBE. But in the actual sense blog is a real business because when done the right way, the kind of money you can make from a blog is actually limitless. All right. So me, myself, I have a personal blog and I’ve been able to generate serious income from my own blog. So the good thing about starting a blog is that you can monetize it in so many ways.

So one of the first we are to is you can monetize. Your blog is through affiliate marketing, so you could set up a blog, then use the blog to promote affiliate offers. Ok, so the second way at which you can make money from your blog is through Google AdSense. So from the traffic you are generating on your blog, you could actually monetize that traffic with Google ads. And so when people are visiting your blog and they are clicking on the on the ads that Google is showing on your blog, you are actually going to make money from that. Speaker1: So they taught metadata which you can use your blog to make money is by selling your own personal approach. This could be physical product or this could be digital product. And finally, you could also set up a blog in a way to promote your own personal service.

Take, for example, you are into ad agency, so you could create a blog around ad agency and monetize your traffic with the service you are creating. So there are so many ways at which you can create a blog and make money from it. So if you like to create your own personal blog, I’m going to have a link at the description of the video and see how you can set up your blog. I’m also going to add a link somewhere around there about a video I created earlier on how to make serious money from starting a blog. All right, so number nine on the list is investing in cryptocurrency. Now in this business can actually be volatile, but when done the right way, the kind of money you can make from investing in crypto is also volatile. Ok, so the way out which you can make serious money is we are to which the money can actually go down. Ok, so the idea behind investing in cryptocurrency is simply looking for coins that are cheap. Buy them when they had to then sell them when the price goes up. Speaker1: So tell me example. If you are to buy bitcoin at around four years ago and resell it currently, the profit you’re going to be make is going to be seriously.

It’s going to be seriously high. So this is the same idea as you can use to buy new currency. So if you if you go to a website like CoinMarketCap, you’ll be able to see coins that are doing well. Coins that are recently added on coins that are losing currently. So using this website, you’ll be able to look for coins that you can actually buy when they are low, then sell them when they are high. So the idea behind investing in cryptocurrency is just to buy, load and sell when the profit, then sell when the price of the coin is high. All right, so before you can start investing in cryptocurrency, I would suggest you do additional research for this because investing in cryptocurrency can actually be volatile. Can actually be risky. Okay, so just take a time to do your own personal, diligent research before you pass away any of your money in cryptocurrency.

I myself did a few videos about it. I’m also had a link to the video somewhere around there, so you can just click on it. Watch the video and learn more about investing in cryptocurrency. All right, guys, so to find our business idea, I’m going to be listing here is what I call white label e-commerce business. Speaker1: So the idea behind white label ecommerce business is actually simple. So if you have an idea on how to run a mini importation business, then you’ll be able to do white label e-commerce business. So what you want to do when it comes to white label is you want to go to an also website like Alibaba 60 and 88, then contact the seller that you want a white label period. So you need to choose a product you are interested in to. For example, if the product is around skin care, what they will do is they’ll manufacture this product for you, then help you brand the product with your business name. Ok, you can send them logo, and we help you add this logo to the product so you can now import this product to your country, then market this product with your brand name. But in actual sense, the product is actually manufactured in China. So the good thing about this product is that you can get this world at an extremely cheap price, and when you sell them in your country, the profit margin can actually be huge. So for you to be successful when it comes to white label ecommerce business, you need to have your own personal website. Ok. You might actually not have a website.

You could sell this product offline because the product is branded with your business name. But what is important is that you need a logistic company because for every sale you’re going to be needing a logistic company that is going to be a pin, you deliver the product. Speaker1: Ok, so you need a logistics company, you need a good supplier and and you need a good way at which you can advertise the product. So for you to do well in this kind of business, what I’m going to suggest is before you tell the supplier to start creating the product, you could order a test product for yourself. Ok, so you could order like 10 of this product or order like five. So once you see the product and the product is OK, you know that the product is good.

Ok, you can now go on and tell the supplier the seller of the product to help you manufacture more, then help you brand the product. Ok, so you cannot import this product? Then we sell to people that want to retool the product or you sell them directly to find user. So this is everything you need to know about white label. All right. So if you find this video interesting, what I want you to do is please like the video and like I said earlier, if you have any questions. Drop them in a comment section. And if you are yet to subscribe to the YouTube channel, please, I want you to subscribe so you can get more videos like this or. So thank you for watching. I will see you in the next one.