Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 1

Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 1


Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 1

Hello, guys, this is Dan . Writing for Baseloaded , welcome to Business post. Now in this Article, I’m going to be sharing with you 10 online business ideas that you can start from the comfort of your home and make huge income at the end of every month. Now, best of all, most of this business is just going to require your mobile device or in some cases, a laptop or a desktop device, and you are set to make money from this business idea.

Ok? And even more interesting is that most of the work don’t require you to be actively active before you can make money from this kind of business. Ok. Some is going to require you to work for a while. And the previous work you’ve done is going to make you money for a very long time. All right. So if you are interested in this kind of business, you would like to make money from this kind of online business. I want you to stick around. Read to the end. And if this is your first time reading my articlel, please don’t forget to comment. Then, if you have any questions. Drop them in the comment section on the most, . All right, so without any further ado, let’s get started. All right, guys. So first on the list is

Job shipping business.

Now the job shipping business model has actually been around for a very long time now.  It’s simply finding a product on a wholesale website. Take, for example, AliExpress look for a cheap product you want. Then we sell this product on your own personal website at a higher price. So your profit in this business model is going to be how much you buy the product on AliExpress and how much you list the product on your own job shipping website.

So for you to start making money with a job shipping business first, you need to create your own personal shipping website. And if you don’t want to create a job shipping website for yourself if you think it’s stressful. There are actually platforms at which you can get a readymade job shipping website. Take, for example, like my own personal shipping website. I got it as the Ready Made Job shipping website, so I’m going to have the link at the end of the video. If you want to create your own personal shipping website, I’m going to have a link to a post I created on how you can create the website yourself. And if you want a readymade website like this, I’m also going to have a link at the description of the video. So the basic around this business model is just to go to AliExpress, look for a product that is cheap. Ok, so based on the software I’m using, the software I’m using is Ali dropship. So this software lets me import period from AliExpress automatically to my own website. Speaker1: So once visitors started visiting my website and once they start making purchases for the product, I will be able to fulfill the product on my own website. So this website is linked directly to AliExpress. So if I want to fulfill a product, if I want to fulfil an order, all I simply need to do, just click on the order and is going to redirect me to AliExpress. So what I’m going to do on AliExpress is I’m going to enter the customer customer address as my own address on AliExpress.

So the seller of the product on AliExpress is going to help me send the product to my customer. So once my customer receives the product, they are going to think the product is directly from me. Ok? And one of that’s in the software I use automatically add a note to the seller on AliExpress that the products that they sell is for shipping. So once the seller on AliExpress knows that the sale is for shipping. They are not going to include anything that has to do with AliExpress. So the seller is going to take the product is directly from you or also the backbone of this business is how well you are able to promote the product via advertisement and other stuff. All right. So if you want to get started, like I said, I’m going to have some links at the description of the video. So just go to the links for you to learn more about this business model. Speaker1: So second on the list is affiliate marketing and what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply a business model whereby you promote other people’s business to make a certain commission. Now, the difference between affiliate marketing and job shipping is that the commission you make on affiliate marketing is restated already. Unlike job shipping when it comes to job shipping, for example, they are selling a product for $20. Watch out for part 2