Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 2

Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 2

Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 2


Welcome to the part 2, Here is the part 1 You could decide to sell the product on your own website for $400 and make $80 profit on the product. But when it comes to affiliate marketing now, the company must have already stated that this is the amount of profit or this is the amount of commission you are going to make whenever you promote a product. And the good thing about affiliate marketing is you could make as much as possible.

Now, based on the athlete of us, you are promoting, there are some products you could promote and make over a thousand dollars on one sale. Ok, you could make an affiliate commission of over $1000, depending on the product you are promoting. Take, for example, myself. I’m into affiliate marketing and I’ve made some passive income from affiliate marketing. Now, looking at some of the product I’ve promoted now, this is Clickfunnels, and from this product, I think I’ve been able to make over $3000 and this is another product that I promote. Now this is blue and I’ve been able to make close to $5000 from promoting alone.

So affiliate marketing is simply looking for an offer that you can promote. Get your own personal affiliate links, then create content for the products you want to promote. Add your affiliate links, then promote the content. Ok, so from every clicks you are getting, whenever they make a sale from your affiliate links, you’re going to make a certain commission from it. So just like drop shipping, I’m also going to have a link at the description of the video so you can learn more about affiliate marketing.

Told on the list is mini importation business. Now, many importation business is just a business model whereby you look for wholesale website like AliExpress and Alibaba 16 88 and the likes that on this website look for cheap product and some of the product on this website actually cost less than a thousand. There are some even cost less than 500 there, so you could look for the spread out, buy them in bulk, then ship them down to your country, then sell them at a higher price. And the most interesting part of this business is that you can even sell most of this product with a simple website like this. So as you can see now, this is one of the simple website or a simple page website that I’ve been using to promote mini importation business.

Right. So if you like to create a simple page like this to promote your password, I mean, importation business where I want you to do is just go over to my YouTube channel, then click on playlists. Speaker1: So once you click on play list, click on the main importation. So if you click on importation, you’ll be able to see series created now to, for example, looking at this how to create a sales page for MEN Importation View. So if you watch this video, you’ll be able to create a simple page like this to create your mini importation business. Now, the difference between mini importation and shipping is that the kind of profit you get to make on mini importation is actually bigger than job shipping now because based on a product I’ve sold in the time past, there was a product I import from China, and the cost of this product is around $500.

And when this period gets to my country, which is Nigeria, I was able to sell this product for over ten thousand. So with the total cost of shipping, I think one product cost around a thousand there and I was able to sell them at 10000 or so on every product. I think I was making a profit of nine thousand. Ok, so this is the beauty of importation where you want to do is you want to look for products that are cheap, then import this. So for you to import product faster from China, I created a video earlier on how you can cheaply upload faster to your country. Speaker1: So I’m going to add the link to the video somewhere around there so you can watch the video and see how you can keep your period faster to your country. So just like the rest, I’m also going to have the link at the duration of the video on how you can learn more about mini importation. So next on the line is job servicing, and just like the rest of the business idea we’ve mentioned, job servicing is also a business model that can make you serious income online. And just like the rest, all you simply need is just your mobile device and a laptop device to get started with this business. So what is job service in business now? A job servicing business is a business model whereby you sell services that is not created by you to people that are in need of the services.

No, this is related to job shipping, but when it comes to job shipping, what we are selling is a physical product. When it comes to job service and what you are selling is a services or a digital product. Now take, for example, you have a client that wants to create a website or you have a client that need us when it comes to programming. So what you can simply do is come over to 5+ and look for freelancer that can get this job done at the cheaper price, then sell it to the client at the higher price. Speaker1: So take, for example, the client might be willing to pay you a thousand dollars to to create a website so you could come over to Fiverr and look for a freelancer that can get the website done for you at around $200 or $500. So your profit in this transaction is going to be $1000 minus $500. You outsource the service to a freelancer on Fiverr, so your profit is going to be $500 from one transaction. You did so to get started just like the rest. I’m also going to have the link at the description of the video. All right. So number five on the list is buy and sell of domain. Now, the idea is very simple. All you need to do is buy a domain name at a cheaper price. Then we sell the domain name at a higher price. So, for example, you want to buy this domain? This is a domain I recently bought for myself, and I want to resell the domain in the name of the domain name is forex to currency dot com. Now take, for example, you are the person who wants to buy this domain. So if you search for this domain name, it’s going to bring us an option for you to make an offer to buy the domain name because the domain name has been recently bought. So as you can see, first, the currency is taken. Ok, now the reason you see this is because I ad buy this domain name earlier. Speaker1: Now this is the domain name. I think the domain. Yeah, this is the domain name. I bought the domain name for just $10, and I’m willing to reserve the domain name for $500. So this is just the idea behind buying and selling of domain names.

So to get started, all you simply need is just a Namecheap account, so you can use name cheap to buy cheap domain. Then we sell the same domain on Namecheap. Now, let me give you a real life example. The best domain name are the kinds of domain name that you can buy and resell are probably names of celebrity or a kind of domain name that you know people are willing to bet. For example, there is a popular there is a popular comedian in Nigeria. His name is Bhattacharjee. So take, for example, you want to buy a domain name for Russia. So the domain name is going to be Russia. Dot com. Russia. Ok, so let me add dot com to it. Ok, so let’s let’s search for this domain name. So as you can see in our dot, dotcom is taken already, so if you want to buy this doing the damage, you have to make an offer. So the person who bought the domain name did not indicate the amount of price they