Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 3

Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 3

Ten Massive Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria For 2022 Part 3


Want to part 3, you can read part 2 here . So entire you can make an offer to buy this domain name. And the good thing is this domain name is actually going to be getting around $10 when they bought it, and they might make over $8000 profit from simply buying a domain name for $10, then resell it at a higher price.

So there are so many celebrities that they are yet to brand their own domain name so you could easily get their name by it as a domain name chip, then resell it probably later in the future. They want to do massive branding. They might actually need to make them for themselves, so at then they can now be reselling it to them, then make cool profits.

So this is just the idea between buying a domain name at a cheaper price, then resell it at a higher price. Sixth on the list is Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle is also one of the business idea. You can start up then make serious passive income from it on the long run because all that is required of you is just to create an e-book. So once you’ve created an e-book, for example, you have an idea you can actually turn this idea into a PDF file e-book, upload it on Amazon Kindle and let Amazon sell the product for you. Now, the good part of this business idea is that you’re not going to be marketing the product yourself.

Now, all that is required for me is just to create the period. And once you’ve created it, upload it on Amazon. Kindle and Amazon will be the one to undo the e-book for you. So to get started from this kind of business where you want to do is you want to go over to Amazon Kindle itself, then look for some of the best performing e-books. Now I used to say there, there’s no need reinventing the wheel. Just look for something that is working already, then replicate it, make it better, then go alongside the same process they are using to sell it. Ok, so going to Amazon Kindle, you would still popular in Kindle. Yeah. So from there, you’ll be able to click on bestselling bestsellers and more. So you click on bestsellers. It’s going to bring out a list of e-books that are doing well on Amazon Kindle. So from there, you can have an idea of the kind of e-book you can create that more people is going to buy. So once you’ve published it, you can make money from this business idea for a very, very long time and the income is going to be passive. So depending on the country you are doing this business from. So the commission Amazon is going to be taken on every sale can actually be high or low, depending on the country you are running the business from.

So, for example, is on country. The commission Amazon take is actually low and in some countries as high as 40 percent. Ok, so if you are from Nigeria, Amazon is going to take 40 percent from every sale you are making on Amazon Kindle. Speaker1: So for example, if you are selling an e-book for $10, Amazon is going to take $4, then pay you $6 of the e-book. So. So this is just the idea behind Amazon Kindle. All that you need is just look for a trending topic that you can know that you can capsule into an e-book, then sell it on Amazon Kindle. All right, so next on the list is content writing business. So if you know you are a good writer, if you have it in for a writing article, you know you can do well when it comes to creating content online that I think you should set up a content writing business. Ok, so the income you can make from content writing can range from $500 to over three thousand dollars on a monthly basis, depending on how good you are. Me and myself as a person, I’ve spent over $800 for just a single post. Ok, so if you know you do well in content writing, you have it in for content writer, you can write article easily without getting tired, then I think this is a good business idea for you. So to get started, what you simply want to do is you want to create a LinkedIn account because if people are searching for content right now, most of them actually goes to LinkedIn. You could come over to LinkedIn, then just and do a search for content. Contents right out here. Speaker1: So you click this, if you do decide for content, right, you’ll be able to see a list of people. I’m just going to click on people, so I click on people is going to bring out people that are into content writing. So you could just open up this account, then look at how they create the account, then use that to create your own account on LinkedIn. So people searching for content, right? Me, myself, I want to search for content, right? I use LinkedIn to search for it.

Ok, so if you have a LinkedIn account and you’re on your page looks professional, you’ll be able to see people that are going to hire you

directly on LinkedIn. So the second place that you could also make so OK that you can get clients to write for is by creating a Twitter account. So on Twitter, you could also search for. You could also search for content right here. Ok. You see list of people that are into content writing, OK, so you could just open up there, you could open up their account and see how they create their accounts to create your own personal accounts to search for content, right? If you want to be making money from this kind of business, I would suggest you have a PayPal account because some clients might actually contact you from abroad, and the miss of payments could either be tube paper. Ok, so you need to have a PayPal account if you want to do when it comes to content writing OK, so the two most important accounts you need to create is a LinkedIn account and a Twitter account.