Review of A Fairphone 4 – By Baseloaded

Review of A Fairphone 4 – By Baseloaded


Review of A Fairphone 4 - By Baseloaded


Combining sustainability and modern technology is not always easy. Many manufacturers are already making an effort to make their smartphones more and more sustainable. But none of the manufacturers can keep up with the sustainability of the Fairphones so far. Until now, a Fairphone always meant compromising on performance, which is now changing with the Fairphone 4.

Sustainability from top to bottom

Many factors make the Fairphone 4 so incredibly sustainable. First of all, most of the materials used are recycled. The back is made of 100% recycled plastic, many of the rare have also been recycled. Fairphone also relies on Fairtrade Gold, which no other manufacturer does.

The Fairphones are modular so you can repair the device yourself if something breaks. Parts such as the display, the battery, the speakers, the connection, or the cameras can be ordered separately and then installed yourself. None of the components are glued and can therefore be easily removed and replaced. To save even more electronic waste, no cables, chargers, or adapters are included, as most of them are still equipped with them anyway.

Longevity is always part of sustainability. Therefore the guarantee for the Fairphone 4 runs for five years and long-term support, as well as constant new software updates, are offered. In addition, the Fair Phone 4 electronic waste neutral is. This means that for every phone sold, Fairphone recycles the same amount into electronic waste.

The Fairphone 4 is TCO-certified, so care is taken that the device meets various requirements, including energy efficiency, ergonomic design, and fair pay for workers.

Well equipped for everyday life

The good performance comes from the Snapdragon 750G, which delights the Fairphone 4 with a clock rate of 2.2 gigahertz. This is supplemented by a working memory with a capacity of six or eight gigabytes. So you can quickly click through the vastness of the virtual world without waiting. 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal memory are available for storage. Android 11 is currently installed on the smartphone, but updates to the following versions should also follow so that the Fairphone 4 can be used as long as possible.

The battery is very durable and has a capacity of 3905 mAh. This usually lasts a whole day. But if you use your smartphone very intensively, you can simply buy a replacement battery and replace it during the day. Thanks to the modular design, this is not a problem at all and the mobile phone can be in top form again in a few seconds. The Fairphone 4 is charged via a USB-C port on the bottom.

Nowadays, of course, 5G must not be missing in a new cell phone and so the new Fairphone is also equipped with the modern cellular standard and enables download rates in the gigabit range.

Slim design with a large display

A lot has also happened in terms of design. While the predecessors were still quite clunky, the dimensions have now been further reduced and now result in a slim and appealing smartphone. The back is made of recycled plastic and has an extremely appealing feel. The arrangement of the elements on the back is also very modern. The camera is located in a separate triangle in the upper corner and otherwise, there is only Fairphone lettering.