Colored smart phones are great, in this article I’m going to talk about colored smartphone using the red oneplus 6,

the oneplus 6 is everything you already know and love about it, we’re already reviewed it,  but the back us now this bright, vibrant deep reflective red abs that’s great everything about the phone is the same but it’s now red,  it’s a red version of the phone is the same but it’s now red,  it’s a red version of the phone we’re already know.

So without any further ask, let’s talk about colored smartphones , I love colored smartphones but I also kind of hate them for the way they exist and a whole lot of these thoughts are kind of fooling around out there of these various chunks and likes on twitter and even on previous videos but it’s worth putting it on in one place.

So this red one plus 6, I do love red, and I love that they made a red smartphone and that’s why I’m sharing it with you, also I just want to take to you about colored phones in general.

There was this real interesting video published recently of a bunch if potential alternate colors for the one plus 6, on PC mac and one of them included a colored alert slider and I would have loved to have seen that but then.

There was also some interesting colors, the speckled one, there was a wavy stripped one,  and even an instagram one and so the natural reaction when seeing all these TV reviews that they could have done or they could have been doing a little of these so the answer is number one comprise would generally like to see. As few variations of a single product as possible, a few skills as they can so company could sell All of their phones on one color and on one storage amount,  they would that’s why you see car companies bundling as many things as possible into one option package,  it’s because they don’t want to have 15 different ways they can make their car, they just want to make one, so if you’re a smartphone company and you can just sell black and white and maybe one other color.

Then this what they’ll do and then the second answer is also that smartphone companies are using alternative colors as a press tools, basically to remind you about a smartphone that already came out, so there’s something you can call a press cycle, anything a new phone comes out there’s a pretty predictable spike of attention at the beginning and the height of sakes and then the sort of falls off  this long pale as the device gets older,  maybe a drop in price might bump it up again but in most part it would never get that much attention again.

But releasing a brand new color if the same exact phone and delaying it a couple of months after that release is obviously stirring up a brand new press cycle because it creates a whole new wave if articles and bring an attention back to the phones, and at the day it would boost sales.

One plus, Samsung,  apple and almost every smartphone companies is guilty at some point if doing thus special edition late release smartphone and if your pairing careful attention to the war apple does it,  they specifically use new alternate colors when a new product has the same design or like a sort bump on the inside.

So another one from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6x, the design if the phone is exactly the same,  it’s just a sore bump like apple does they added a rode gold color so new you can tell who had the new iPhone and you can’t get the iPhone 6 in rose gold, so you know that’s the new one.

So when you went to IPhone 7, the design again was super similar so we got these jet black version, so you can’t get a jet black iPhone 6 or 6x so you know that’s the 7.

Even with the new apple watch when they come out with the new lite version they painted a big red dot on the crown.

So you know that’s person must have the new lite version of the watch,  truly classic apple and then this your rumors point to the fact that there won’t be a huge design charge with the next iPhone 11 or whatever they call it from the iPhone 10, so sane design maybe new sizes but with that they’re going to do new colors. So we’ve got these rumors of a blur color and an orange color and a red color if the new iPhone so you know you have the new one and that’s the thing I’m still pumped for it anyway, I love it when I hate it, I love it because colored phones are actually really everything, they look really cool,  they’re unique they’re kind if personal and everyone dies it differently to make it stand out.