So this is the entry to the mid-level gaming laptop, as you know, the GS series but this time we have A & B inside and obnoxious Intell and AMP for the graphics too.

So the GS 5E starts for special edition starts around $833 currently on Dell’s website, this gives you the rising competitors to a core i5 HSeries Processor which should be the rise in 4,600H and 8G RAM and a 256G SSD, and a full HD display which is the only option because there are  up to two HD displays and we’ll talk about that for a minute, ours is around 11:30 and we have the best and better horizon 140,800 compared with the core i7.

And you get 16G RAM and a 12G SSD and no matter which on you get, you the same AMD Radeon RX5600 GPU,  which I must say does interesting things with the AMDC and the same valet power shift, so they can dynamically shift how much power the CPU very the GP and the very dedicated Gap,  and they treated a little bit sort of like when they made their APU with the integrated graphics to manage that, Does it make a difference?


I’ll talk about that as well, so for that CPU it’s equivalent in terns of actual benchmark and game frame ratio, but it’s more like a GIS 60 TI,  and no surprise that the GP is available to get the Dell and not SG which is the intelligence version.


It starts around the same Price but gets more expensive as you spec it out, so it’ll be equivalent to our model which would be 13,00, which would be the intell and livencia coma there. For disposing there’s two options 1 and I highly suggest you get the better 2, there both full of HD matte non touch display, but the base model is 60Hz and 220 and probably has a colour gambit, but the one that we have here and it’s not a big option that ones 300 and it switches own is better brighter and also it Ajai has pretty goof colours that the near full SRTV colour coverage could contrast on and it’s an amazing display which is really great, as you can see because the Achilles heel of the G series from Dell use to be really mediocre display, so this one’s good and it tops the Asus A15 reference money because that one has AMP Inside and tubes in competitors with that greatest foliage to the display there.

In this price range you get a plastic or a plucked easily in case you know surprise there, and the desigmment are non-super inspired once it goes with the G-tradition, you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I leave that to you,  but for me they’re super novice and line that they use this year is kind of glossy and kind of like sparkling in pixel colours and stuffs, it’s kind of like that to pint to me I don’t know I’m not liking it but I don’t despise it either.

The sidelines and the taper rounds with all that survey I think they look pretty good, you’ve got the typical Dell G sever back with the Pronounced Grill markings and stuffs like that, it’s not so out there looking and by racer gaming and all that kind of stuffs and you can take this with you and propel.


How effective are the USB ports?


The ports on this laptop are pretty good, you have the USB Cans thunderbolt 3 with the intell thing but now anybody can actually use it and we start to see this with AMD more often but jn the price range you don’t get a thunderbolt 3 anymore.

The laptop also comes with 3 USB A Ports, only according to Dell’s spec 2 some of them are USB 2.0 except they have stuffs in the point of 2007 and that one is USB 3 granted that a lot at that time you just plug in an external keyboard and mouse and it really doesn’t matter anymore, 2.0, 3.0 you don’t need a high speed connection from keyboard and mouse, but still.

You have both HD mine 2.0 and mini display ports, that’s nice to have an SD Card slot,  so the ports are pretty good on this, but for Wi-Fi you have your choice of either getting a Wi-Fi 5 card with no name Bluetooth 4.2 or you can get the killer Wi-Fi 6 card which uses an intell chip which I’ll probably go for that if you’re building it for yourself.


The keyboards on this are two varieties, I don’t know if this is region based or price based, in some places there’s more many list that’s just being read backward and there’s this zone from RGB backward that this is not a particularly thing and beefy laptop in the gaming laptop standards, but this has nice key tracks of good textile fills, actually plus the hype but the job again you can lit up your Zenox anywhere you want, the track pad is Microsoft positioned and its easy and okay.

It’s and fine but the right click zine seems to be a little bit far towards the right side but that’s a minor complain.

Coming to the internals?

The internals on this are pretty expandable and its too to see any one obviously alien ware, but I keep thinking alien ware cause they start to ram down but you hot two RAMs and a 2.M 250 slots, and you can even get the raise Zero if you order it direct from Dell with the SSD 3 in there, but you get a single budest which is a fast Samsung drive by the way and it’s pretty surprising that they would do that.

The heat syncs is really excessible if you want to paste it all over that sort of stacks and it’s good on the internals, in terms of performance, you’ll know the ANDC fuse have being rocking it this year,  cause the architecture and its good because it uses less and it performs better do,  for example the $14800 you’d get on 8 core versus intell 6 core in the 107 , as a competition, but yes  there’s a more expensive intell at the core i7 as well, but in this price range you’d usually.


So the CPU performance on this is excellent not quite as good as the SOS ROW G14 but that ones also a more expensive kind of halo,  for Asus there that has a higher end CPU and somehow using less power at the same time that’s a pretty cool machine much to the radium.

But anyway it’s still a very good CPU, to the thermos on it,  typically we’re going and running bench marks is about 5 centigree cooler than the equivalent intell which isn’t bad and given than this relatively speaking for Dell and a much budget laptop you’re not going to get your real fancy heat sync design and that sort of thing and the better cool is a good part and better with over 50 face, it might do better.

So the performance on this is pretty good,  the noise on this when you’re playing games you’ll hear a fan running, otherwise it’s not too bad, there is the LG 7 buy it’s adopt hit and F7 you can turn on at maximum which means max noise and max frame in your games,  so I love that they made that up to noise and max frames in your games,  so in love that they made that up to in person, I found that a little too vacuum cleaner like and for 5 frames it’s not really worth it,  but that’s me.

But like I said in terns of benchmark and the actual gang frames on this it’s very competent and very smooth with an AMD drive that comes a long way in a couple of years they were kind of Ricky there but this on 1 played at every game and 1 threw that at a very smooth and higher ultra selling and 1080p resolution which is what you get with the splitted display.

More like the GTS 60T it doesn’t patch the RTX 2060 max que in some games,  in terns of frames, so it’s a decent enough one,  I mean really if you’re going to play at 1080p it’s enough power to get it done, you can spend more money on a higher laptop with anbRTX to OR whatever but then what would be the point,  except you want to plug in an external monitor or you want to run at a higher frame rates.


How Durable is the battery life?

Well,  don’t expect too much Radium has being pretty good, as opposed to the architecture with battery life but the starting point of 5+ hours battery in here,  so we’re talking about the same battery capacity you’d see in the Dell XPS 13 Inna real time and the ultra book so yeah. You’ll have the switch ex graphics and you can use the equivalent of AMD integrated graphics on this, but it doesn’t have to use the dedicated CP in real time, but it’s going to depend on what you’re doing and the display started at and that’ll depend on light monitor productivity work and some videos for 4 hours, maybe 5.

If you’re really a power sipping and going with the latest chrome based edge browser and not Google’s own chrome browser which still eats battery.

To take off the bottom covet,  there are visible tulip heads though and some of them are capped that you’d have to actually remove then and then you can pry it off using a guitar pry tool. Work your way around the edge was then you can pop it off like so towards the rear.

A decent amount of ventilation going on over time from air intake to these are sneakers guilt built the odd ones on this is surprisingly good for a 15inch mid ranging gaming laptop and it’s nice and all. But it actually has some base,  I mean I would actually get pretty loud, let me tell you Can annoy people with these speakers if you want to.

Alright, taking the covers off and we have over internals Here, over 2 fans,  as per usual,  the CPU and the GPU fans are a decent numbers of heat and pipes here, we gave all of these raining independent as to its nice to see, not the highest fans in the world but at this price range I guess you’ll really kind of get then focus, but that’s a beat and enough heat sync, we have two RAM slots here and this thing has an AMD zen do CPU and the ceaks is DDR for 52,00 negative RAMS faster than average and the faster Intel is easy, so it’s a sign to upgrade after you’ve kept that in mind at the RAM.

Here is our Wi-Fi killer RAM the 1650 Killer chooses an intell chip and it could stop right there and you’ve got two 2M and the Two SSD slots and we have a shorty here. Instead of the full LED display but it can accommodate both obviously there’s a 7mm 2inch hard drive that’s bit a connector problem when this connector that you can get from Dell actually if you’ve ordered it with the hard drive on. And here Is the 15watt hour battery.

So for those who are trying to decide between getting this and the AMP,  I would lean towards the AMO because they’re doing such a good job, you’d get stronger performance here and the CPU over the thug like Handbrake video and co-exist.

A performance on this is excellent and the thermostat are pretty good and given than there’s bot impressive thermos solution on this that you can the temperature of text then runs out.