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pop Smoke – Rumble

Pop Smoke – Rumble Download

“Pop Smoke ” had released a new single titled “ Rumble” and you are wondering what message do he have for Us this time, well you will figure out all of that when you proceed to listen to “song title” or Download right Now into your device.

The best part of a true fan is when you establish a supreme connection with your favourite artist, it then becomes like your share a piece of his mind, you know his next song even before it is out because you are connected to his soul, you see through his/her inspirations and it almost feel like he knows your heart.


[Intro: Pop Smoke]
This is Kelsey
Woo, woo, woo
On the tune, lil’ bitch
I make a call and it’s war, huh?
09 to the club, man
Run up, get done up, nigga
I spin the block, nigga
Fuck is he talking ’bout?
Oh nah, hundred, kamikaze, really true shit, nigga
What’s up nigga? GDK, nigga (It’s that hundred Glock shit man)
We really do this, nigga
What’s up, nigga? Spin the block, grrr, GDK

[Verse 1: Pop Smoke]
Step on the field, watch ’em crumble (Brr)
Talking for white but you gapin’ on purple
I took what you wait when it rumble (Grr)
Knuckle up, okay, put on his shoes (Bah, bah, bah)
Send shots, hit you and your uncle (Uncle, yeah)
Talkin’ for what but you ain’t been official (Grr)
Drip like I stepped in a puddle (Puddle)
Don’t be fooled by these friends, get left in the dirt
Yeah, I’m not with the talkin’ on [?] shit, disrespect nigga, [?]
I just stick to the breach, lay low ’cause these niggas be ignorant
Friday, I’m hittin’ shit, where I’m parkin’ my V’s like this (Skrrt, skrrt)
Got me stuck in the precinct (Precinct)
Tell the DA, “I ain’t filin’ no statements” (Nah, nah)
Big boot, have you stuck in the pavements
Talkin’ the books, have you wait for arraignment
Tellin’ them lies, I can’t give ’em the facts
Balmain’s keep a Nina attached
Big body where I’m packin’ my MAC
BIG092 but I stay with the MAC
Skate to my block but you ain’t do shit
Say you got chopper but you ain’t shootin’ shit
Come to block, I keep two grips
Call the real choppers in they two whips


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