Download Mp3 Smokepurpp – Its Whatever

Download Mp3 Smokepurpp – Its Whatever

Smokepurpp – Its Whatever Mp3 Download

Smokepurpp Its Whatever Mp3 Download:Smokepurpp also drops a new song titled “Its Whatever”


Ronny J on the beat, bitch
I don’t trip on a bitch, it’s whatever (yeah)
All this money, I’m changin’ the weather (uh)
And I’m bussin’ this bitch at whoever
Bitch I’m poppin’ my shit on whoever (yeah)
If it ain’t ’bout the money, it’s whatever (it’s whatever)
Forty bands on the fit, it’s whatever (bitch)
These invisible set, diamonds wetter (uh)
Put some racks in the bank like a TD (racks)
That lil’ nigga a shrimp, he a PeeWee
I got rich, now they yellin’ off feed me (uh)
And I’m takin’ this bitch not the CD
Nigga smokin’ propane that’s straight out the BP
Popped in the kitchen, still whippin’ up raining
I keep a nine on me, call it big Nini
Glock 26, bake a nigga like panini
(Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew)
Got my pockets on strong, feel like Hercules (Hercules)

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