Download Mp3 Smokepurpp Outside

Download Mp3 Smokepurpp Outside

Smokepurpp Outside Mp3 Download

Smokepurpp Outside Mp3 Download:Smokepurpp also drops a new song titled “Outside”


This shit sound Smokepurpp as fuck
(Oh my God, Ronny)
Outside with 672 (yeah)
Nigga, I was outside
Bitch, since then
Nigga, I was outside with them sticks
I’ve been toting fire nigga ever since
Took my Glock 26 to the motherfucking hairdresser
Put that bitch on extension
Twenty-six to the strap
I feel the tension (bitch)
Nigga run up on me, turn him to a since then
Put them racks on his head, fix my problems on his head
Bitch, I’m slimy, Gucci snakes up on my collar
I know some youngins that’d take his ass out for some cents
Do this shit with ease, it make no sense, it make no sense
Draco on my shoulder, let loose
If it’s up, then it’s stuck, then I hang it by a noose
Just like me, my bitches in twos (twos, yeah)
VVS diamonds, thought the bitch was on a…

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